The Force in Liability Management Solutions for Public Safety

Pricing Solutions

  • We have a pricing solution to meet your needs and your budget.
  • Pricing is an annual cost as a product of the number and types of users you have in your organization.
  • No annual support or maintenance fees.
  • No software upgrade fees.
  • Our billing is predictable and flexible with your budget cycle.

Your Time is Valuable

  • Force LMS users can enter, track, analyze and manage all the critical liability components of your organization.
  • Force LMS provides you a dashboard of information showing high-level critical analysis,  with the capability of producing individual user reports and analysis.
  • Force LMS can independently manage work product through customizable workflow designs.

Your Data is Safe in the Cloud

  • Force LMS is cloud-based software solution designed to create organizational efficiency through the consolidation and storage of critical information into one location. 
  • Force LMS is customizable based on your needs and workflow.
  • Force LMS stores your data in a physically and bio-metrically secured data warehouse and the data belongs to you.

Configuration & Implementation

  • Reasonable administrative fees for start-up and implementation.
  • You control and manage all of your data.
  • No server or hardware to purchase.
  • Advanced training and implementation available.
  • We can have you up and running in less than 30 days.
  • Data entry possible at every level of the organization with agency designed approval processes or choose bulk data uploads.

Revised:  10.07.18