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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are divisions important?

A: Divisions have fully separated sets of records. Divisions are to be considered as separate physical locations. A user in one division will not appear in another unless they are specifically assigned to both. Similarly, for example, an assignment will only appear in the division it is created in. It would need to be re-created to appear in a different division.

Q: What fields are required in each record?

A: There are a number of fields that are established as required by default. They typically represent core data points that are used when calculating statistics and relevance in the reporting functions.  There items cannot be set as not required because the program requires them to work correctly. However, a number of fields can be set as required or as not-required within the Settings section of the application under the Configuration view. Only a user with the appropriate administrative permissions can make these modifications. If during your beta testing you determine that there are data fields that are listed as required which should not be, or more importantly that there are fields which need to be noted as required which currently are not, please submit an enhancement request through our SREC System.

Q: Are there user manuals or configuration manuals?

A: YES! We appreciate your patience with the creation of the user manuals. We recently completed the first iteration of the User Manual and the Configuration Manuals. These elements can be downloaded in the RESOURCES section of this page.  If you need instructions on how to perform a certain task, consult the manual for the associated section first. These can be found on the left side of this page.  Or you can download a copy of the manuals below:



Q: How do I print records?

A: In order to print a record from the user view, select it from the lower pane and click the “Print” button located on the lower left. To print a record from the configuration view, find it using the Search function, open the records you would like and click the “Print” button.

Q: How do I add records to another user?

A: To add records to another user as an administrator, select the user in Search tab, then use the buttons at the bottom of the window to select the type of record to add.

Q: How do I install Force LMS on additional computers?

A: Force LMS is accessed by using an approved web browser within your network. Depending on the type of deployment with your organization you either have a physical on-premises server running the application, or your users are accessing it using a cloud deployment and login credentials.  No installation is required on additional computers. Note that some deployments have specifically restricted the IP range of computers that can access the application meaning, that the website/host application can only be reached from within a specific location.

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