Create & Recall Complete Training Records & Inventory Reports

Imagine being able to quickly and easily quantify the effectiveness of a particular training, control technique, equipment or policy. With Force LMS, you don’t have to imagine. The robust system’s tools give you access to comprehensive, organization-wide information allowing you to quickly validate or invalidate training, equipment and policies.  Force LMS gives law enforcement access to information from the macro to the micro and better equips command with the tools they need to make the best decisions for training their department and keeping their community safe.

Law enforcement agencies struggle to predict problems that relate to use of force and pursuits because these events are not viewed organizationally. Only individual officers are held accountable — until the civil process begins and after months of inquiry and data mining the police organization is held accountable for alleged poor training, supervision, equipment and policy.

Most police agencies have no way to validate if their training, equipment and policies actually work as designed. Therefore it is easy to fall into a routine of repeating inadequate training, or of providing inadequate supervision. Many decisions are made based on limited data, resulting in equipment and policies that simply fail to meet the safety needs of officers and the community.

Force LMS is more than just a training tool

Force LMS allows for easy access and reference to all of your existing and prior training, use-of-force and pursuit information so all future training is coordinated to positively affect the development of your organization, all based on quantifiable statistics. Administrators and executives can access detailed records organized by individual, unit or department-wide in a matter of seconds. And our robust reporting tools allow Executives to see trending patterns and better sculpt training and policy strategies to address the actual events encountered.

Easily Correlate Training Data

Force LMS allows your organization to:

    • Save time and valuable resources by automating redundant, cumbersome processes
    • Monitor use of force, pursuit, inventory, training and commendation history, all in one centralized location
    • Flag safety and policy protocols which may be positively or negatively impacting organization
    • Centralize all training records and create relevant reporting
    • Quickly create training courses, schedule them and assign attendees.
    • Recall granular details about each training event and inventory allocation
    • View data from the macro to the micro, providing the ability to quickly implement changes
    • Confirm officer records are accurate with the innovative user acknowledgement system
    • Ensure scheduling discrepancies, inventory assignments and discipline/commendations are quickly spotted and handled effectively
    • Record sensitive item inventory and allocation