About Us

Force LMS is a software as a solution (SaaS) product designed to consolidate and simplify many of the cumbersome tasks associated with the operation and administrative of a public safety organization.  Force LMS was designed and developed with the cooperation and collaboration of law enforcement professionals and public safety organizations..

Who We Are

The Force LMS Team is an effective collaboration of seasoned law enforcement professionals and technical support staff that bring timely and relevant ideas to managing liability through an affordably priced comprehensive software solution.

What We Believe

We believe every organization should have the tools they need to mitigate liability in their organizations through training, accountability and employee critical incident management.

Public safety organizations have the inherent responsibility to minimize predictable risk to their employees, and Force LMS provides the tools and resources in an affordable package to help.

Force LMS History

Force LMS™ (Liability Management Solution) was originally designed and developed in 2016 by AM Data Service, Inc. based on an original idea envisioned by Jeff Felts, a retired police officer and owner of Center Mass, Inc.

In 2018, KEE Public Safety, LLC acquired Force LMS™ and is taking the original ideas and design to a new level.

Revised:  09.29.18